GTM-WRGF7F8 window filming

Heat, Glare and UV Reducing Solar Films

Is your conservatory just too hot and bright through the summer months?

Do you and your staff suffer from the heat and glare on screens in your 

offices and corporate buildings? 

Do your carpets, flooring and upholstery fade in the sunlight?

Do your retail products fade and spoil in your shop display windows?

Then SOLAR FILM could be your solution at a cost effective price!

Scroll down to see the remarkable benefits of Solar Films.

solar film for conservatory roofs and windows


Solar Films are the perfect solution to reduce Heat, Glare, Fading & Damage caused by UV Rays in both the home, and within a business environment; including, offices, schools, factories, shops and more.

Suitable for both glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs and largely glass buildings and offices, Solar film can provide much needed relief to the build up of heat radiating through windows and roofs. It is also highly effective in reducing glare, including that on computer and television screens etc. in offices, schools and within the home. Its reflective properties mean that UV Rays from the sun are greatly reduced, thus, almost eliminating fading to furnishings and upholstery, including wooden floors and carpets.

Solar Film reduces Heat Glare and Fading


If you have a conservatory or home with large glazed areas you will know that the sun can cause problems not just in the height of the summer, but all year round;

HEAT - especially in conservatories, becomes too much to bear, rendering a beautiful space useless in the very months you want to use it most!

GLARE - Bright sunlight filtering in through unprotected windows can cause you to squint, resulting in headaches . It can also make it impossible to use a laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet or television.

UV RAYS - UV Rays from the sunlight are the cause of fading to upholstery, furnishings, artwork, carpets and floorings - A Solarfilm can cut up to 99% of UV light, keeping your items protected from further damage.


Solar Films have countless benefits to workplace areas. Be it offices, factories, shops, museums, schools or cafes and restaurants - in fact anywhere! The properties of Solarfilm mean that Heat and Glare are greatly reduced, and damaging UV Rays that cause fading to property and skin damage are practically eliminated! This allows for physical products to be protected - retail products in shop fronts for example - and enables them to be used to their optimum - computers etc. 

It also allows for employees to work to their optimum ability without issues like glare on screens, over-heating etc. interfering.

Solar film in the work place

Properties of Solarcool

UV Transmission -                                      1%

Visible Light Reflection -                        25%

Visible Light Transmission -                 10%

Solar Energy Rejected -                         78%

Solar Reflection -                                    42%

Solar Absorption -                                  44%

Solar Transmission -                              14%

Glare Reduction -                                   88%

Please note, this is just one example of a Solar films properties. 

We can supply a wide range with weaker or stronger protection properties depending on your requirements. 

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